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In this radically different group program we will dive in together and explore the simplicity of Coddiwompling. No matter what you are up to or where you are in life, living by instinct in the moment ignites something very special in the world. Life happens effortlessly, flows beautifully, and better still, we come alive. You can live like this from right where you are now and in every part of life, including your career, business, relationships, love, and even finances… yes, every part of life. Join me and let’s unpredict your future!

The next group begins January 13th and we meet via live video conference every Wednesday for ten weeks.

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Coddiwompling is a way of life, not just something you do for work or pleasure.

Coddiwompling is instinctively living by your gut feeling. It is following your heart. It is letting our common sense guide us. Most of us don’t do this. We limit ourselves by going after what we think will make us happy, famous, rich or successful in the long run. So another major part of coddiwompling is seeing through all of the made up limitations that we think are true. When we see through the stuff that normally stops us from going with our instinct and following our heart: life gets simple, we come alive, and we get to experience a freedom like no other.

Let’s start a movement!

All of us.

It starts with you and it starts right now.

Coddiwompling is a way of living that changes everything.

We are Coddiwompling our way to whole new way living. The Coddiwomple Now Movement is just beginning… more to come soon.

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UNpredict your journey, my friends!

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