What if the answer has always been right under our noses? What if life was extremely simple and innocently we’ve imagined it to be much more challenging than it is?

What if all there ever is to do is: Follow our instinct, aim ourselves in a direction, start walking, and see what happens.

AND, what if we could do this and know with certainty that we could never get it wrong?

I am Coddiwompling in Mexico for most of March. Many people assume that means I’m wandering around the country, seeing the sites, and tasting every flavor of taco south of the boarder.

Nope, that is fake news! Reality is: I’ve spent almost all my time in a small neighborhood in Queretaro, Mexico. There is so much to ‘see’ here and I don’t need to go anywhere. One of the most misunderstood elements of Coddiwompling is that you have to wander the world to do it: FAKE NEWS! 🙂

The truth is that you can Coddiwomple anytime and anywhere without physically moving.

“Aim yourselves in a direction, start walking” is a metaphor, kids. Another way to say this is: “What direction is your heart pulling you right now, in this moment?” This could mean sitting in your favorite chair pondering why the moon seems to tilt as it crosses the sky (yes, I’ve done that). This could mean creating a charity or the next Fortune 500 company. This could mean starting a family or reconnecting with friends. This could mean ANYTHING.

In this instant, “Aim yourself in a direction, start walking, and see what happens” might mean go to the kitchen and make a sandwich. It’s this simple.

I planned to work most of the day today. This morning I woke up to a text asking if I wanted to go on a hike. The answer was a resounding ‘Yes!’. In the moment, I aimed myself in a direction and literally started walking. We walked, we talked, we shared, we saw, we laughed, we walked some more. We found beautiful views, extraordinary bugs, and we found ourselves in each other. Over three hours later we were sunburned, thirsty and full to the brim. We both thought it would be a short walk, but thankfully it wasn’t. This is Coddiwompling. No ‘work’ I planned to do today was as precious or vital as our walk.


Speaking of extraordinary bugs, did you know that grasshoppers can only jump forward, not backwards or to the side? This beauty was sitting on the trail… and he did hop …but only forward. It seems grasshoppers are coddiwomplers too. There was so much seen on the walk, even in a tiny grasshopper. After reading this blog, my wise friend Marina (check her out here) mentioned that grasshoppers truly symbolize taking a leap of faith, with wisdom and without knowing the outcome. Living by instinct, taking a leap (or a step), only moving forward, and not predicting the future: this is exactly what coddiwompling is all about. Is this an incredible coincidence or something more? If you are into grasshopper symbolism, read more here.

The essence of our walk will continue to leave fingerprints on my work for the rest of time. What I’ve seen over and over again is: take the walk… take your walk.

If you really knew, like really really knew you couldn’t get it wrong… what might be possible? What would be your next step?

Aim in a direction, put one metaphorical foot in front of the other, see what happens.


It’s that simple.


Enjoy your journey my friends…


Let’s Change Your World

I have a feeling that everything will change… everything. It has beautifully changed for me and it has changed for everyone that really gets this. This is so important that re-introducing people to Coddiwompling has become my mission in life. I want everyone to live their dreams. Imagine what the world would be like then. It starts with you. It starts with each of us.

When I really considered the outcome, I realized one of the best ways to see this is together. So, for less than a pair of shoes or a nice dinner, you can join me and many fellow Coddiwomplers in a ten week exploration that will change everything.

We begin April 11th and the cost is $89.

We will meet an hour a week for ten weeks via live video conference (you can also join in by phone). You will also have lifetime access to all call recordings.

Check it out here: Coddiwomple Now Group Program

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