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Unpredict Your Journey #UHM19

What might be possible if you unpredicted your journey? Many people wonder what that means. Simply put it means being open to all possibilities and not trying to forecast where you might be in the future or how you will get there. I keep thinking I understand fully the ins and outs of living like […]

The Ultimate Coddiwomple

Life has changed. Better put: My understanding of life has changed and my experience will never be the same. Life just is and it always has been. Everything can be the Ultimate Coddiwomple… What might yours be? Tomorrow I am flying to Prague, Czech Republic. Crazy as it sounds: very early this morning I arrived […]

All There Ever is to Do

What if the answer has always been right under our noses? What if life was extremely simple and innocently we’ve imagined it to be much more challenging than it is? What if all there ever is to do is: Follow our instinct, aim ourselves in a direction, start walking, and see what happens. AND, what […]

Video: The Origin Story

(3 minutes) Let’s all live our dreams. What if everyone in the world Coddiwompled, imagine the kind of world we would live in? Let’s all Coddiwomple together.   Let’s Change Your World What might be possible if you Coddiwompled? I have a feeling that everything will change… everything. It has beautifully changed for me and […]

Train #3

While on my way to an appointment in Switzerland I was in the mix of the hustle and bustle of a large train station. Usually I use Google to find my way around, but on that morning Google Maps wasn’t working. Then the strangest thing happened: I found myself standing on the platform with a […]

The Universal Language

While riding a bus through a remote island in the Aegean see, I drifted away on my own island of thoughts. The seas of a language I did not know were lapping up on the coastline of my awareness like gentle waves on a faraway shore. Subdued by the white noise of several Greek conversations, […]

Shaking Hands with a Volcano

I shook hands with a volcano today. I’ve been watching her from afar and imagining what she might be like: Wondering if she had rivers of lava frozen in time; if her peaks were smooth or jagged; if she had deep pits with hardened lava in the bottom; and much more. As the boat sliced […]

The Silence where Everything Is

A friend suggested I go to Santorini. He said there is beauty… and a silence there like the instant after a thunder clap. This morning I drove to the top of the tallest hill on the island and just as I was leaving found a small trail… that lead me along a slippery rocky cliff-side […]

Zipping Along

A few weeks ago I went on an awesome treetop adventure course, climbing, tightrope walking, and zip-lining more than sixty feet off the ground. To make it all the way through the course without falling required a combination of balance, strength and creativity. Fortunately for anyone who thought they lacked sufficient balance, strength, or creativity, […]