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Over the last year many people have asked and wondered what it is like to live carefree and travel the world. It has been the most incredible and transformative time in my life. It also hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies. There have been tough times, lonely times, and sad times- Lots of them. BUT, more and more I am realizing most of those not so lovely states of mind happen when I forget that coddiwompling applies to everything. More than the travel, what I’ve seen and realized is that we all can live richly, come alive, and be free in every area of our lives.

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People have been asking: What is Coddiwompling?

Coddiwompling is instinctively living by your gut feeling. It is following your heart. It is letting our common sense guide us. Most of us don’t do this. We limit ourselves by going after what we think will make us happy, famous, rich or successful in the long run. So another major part of coddiwompling is seeing through all of the made up limitations that we think are true. When we see through the stuff that normally stops us from going with our instinct and following our heart: life gets simple, we come alive, and we get to experience a freedom like no other. When we live like this happiness abounds and success follows.

Coddiwompling is a way of life, not just something you do for work or pleasure. Imagine being open to limitless possibilities all the while living a full, connected and vibrant life… that is coddiwompling.

Introducing a new website that is the epicenter of a whole new way of living. Live Richly, Come Alive, and Be Free: Coddiwomple Now.

So, what is Coddiwomple Now?

Coddiwompling always happens in the present moment: you get a feeling and go with it… Now. It is a simple in-the-moment way of living. In addition, many people wait to Coddiwomple and many never do. Why wait to live an amazing life? Let’s do that now. “Coddiwomple Now” is living life fully, right now.

The nitty gritty:

We have all been coddiwompling since we were babies. Most of us have forgotten the freedom, joy, and giddiness that comes with living a life full of possibilities. Most of us have also forgotten the ease and simplicity of being in the flow with the gentle yet compelling instinct that we all have and share.

I feel a little like Martin Luther King when I say this, but I have a dream…  It is a dream that one day everyone realizes how simple it is to coddiwomple in every part of life; that one day “Coddiwomple” is a word that everyone knows and lives by.

The dream is that the world is a place where connections are deep, stress is non-existent, and health (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) abounds. We would all realize that creativity is an everyday occurrence. People will grow wildly successful business that foster ingenuity, love, and connection. People all over the world will be living, working, and loving fully. Radiance will be commonplace because we all will be becoming more and more alive.

Picture a day when you can ask anyone: “Are you living a life well lived?” and their answer is “Yes.”

Imagine what your world would be like… now imagine what the entire world would be like…

This is all possible.  We can all Coddiwomple Now.


Let’s get these ideas out in the world, bring it to the masses, and encourage everyone to get out and live it.

Now it is up to all of us Coddiwomple and spread the word.

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UNpredict your journey my friends!

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