Featured Journey: Randy Kostelansky

Randy Coddiwompled his way from an average life in south Florida working as a firefighter to being one of the top up and coming doctors in Boston. In just two years he went from a single dad and student to happily married, running a thriving wellness center, and lecturing to doctors at Harvard. He truly UNpredicted his journey and the unimaginable happened. Check out his story!

And here more about Randy’s journey. For a gorgeous story about what is possible when we love deeply, trust, and see beyond what is skin deep click here: Love is Love

Coddiwomple Now:

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Coddiwompling applies to everyone and every part of life: relationships, hobbies, business, love, career, retirement, raising children, education… everything.

This is space to share your journey and explore the journeys of people from around the world.

Enjoy, connect, share, be.

Most of all, UNpredict Your Journey

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