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The Train Whisperer: The Freedom to Live How You are Moved to Live

One year ago today I was preparing to head off into the unknown and explore the pathless road of life with my home in tow. At 2pm Eastern on November 30th 2017 I drove away from everything I knew and made a promise that I would only Coddiwomple. This meant I would live from instinct and feeling. I wouldn’t ‘make decisions’ instead I would do what I felt lead to do and live where I was drawn to live. If I didn’t know, I’d wait until the sense of what to do next was apparent and clear.

Someone should have told me years ago that this is the way to live. Just to clear the air, you don’t have to travel the world to live from instinct and feeling. We can all live like this anytime, anywhere, doing anything.

In honor of the one year anniversary of me taking the plunge, I recorded an audio that brings to light to how we can all find that freedom. We can all live how we are moved to live.

Take a listen by clicking the arrow in the photo above.


PS- the nudge to make this recording happened this morning on a train, so I’m whispering (in an attempt not to disturb my fellow passengers) and there is a bit of background noise here and there… but the message and the feeling were to lovely not to share.

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    • Kristy
      Kristy says:

      Hi Rhonda, I think of you both often and know that you too are a special and rare find… “randomly” meeting in an art gallery. That’s just proof you can’t predict how things will turn out. Surely there is much more to come xoxo


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